Wholesale Short Blonde Wig For Black/white Women Layered Natural Straight Dark Roots Wigs


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Short Blonde Wig for Black/White Women Layered Natural Straight Dark Roots Wigs Synthetic Hair Full Wig Wig isn¡¯t just a new hairstyle!? It’s a more charming you!?Our wigs are made from high-temperature synthetic fiber with an ultra-realistic look.?Our wigs are easy to put on and comfortable to wear.?Specifications: Material: Synthetic High-Temperature Fiber Cap Size: Average??Style: Women Short Ombre Blonde Bob Natural Straight Pixie Cut Wig Warm?Our wigs can be cut, trimmed and styled as desired.?Please note that wigs should not be brushed while wet.? Not to spray gel water and wax on the wig, which will cause the wig oily. ? If hair knotted after long use, use non-oily maintenance fluid of wig.??Remember to wash before you first wear.?Remember to wash the wig termly(usually wash once in one or two months).??After washing, best let it dry naturally or use a towel to help dry.??After washing, don’t comb the hairs before it dry.?If You Have Any Question, Please Feel Free To Tell Us ,We Will Try Our Best To Solve Your Problem! FAQ How to adjust the size??Please find the adjustable straps inside the wig, then you can adjust the size according to your needs.?Can I dye the wig? No, it can¡¯t be dyed.?Can I cut the wig? Yes, you can.?Can I curl or straighten the wig? The wig has its own style. And synthetic wigs may be damaged if you try to curl or straighten with the heat tools, so please don¡¯t use the heat tool. If you had to, please remember to set the temperature to the lowest setting.

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