Sale Pinetree Green Tibetan Lamb Mohair Fur Doll Hair Wigs 4 X4 For Wigs Or Rerooting


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Brand:Tibetan Lambskin
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Material:Tibetan Lambskin
Features:Mohair, Tibetan Lamb, Tibetan Lamb Hair, Tibetan Lamb Fur, Hair for doll wigs, Green mohair, green doll hair, green Tibetan lamb
Product Type:Doll Hair

Pinetree Green Tibetan Lamb Mohair Fur Doll HairMake your own fur doll wigs or apply directly to your doll, troll, fairy, or sculpt.PLEASE Read the Description so you know what you are buying.This is NOT a pre-made doll wig. This is fur to make your own doll wig.This Tibetan Lamb fur leather size- :4×4″If you ever need a larger size just ask me and if I have more uncut I will cut you the size you need.Color: Pine Tree GreenSeamlessHair length is around 4-5″ – quite long, full, fluffy and light.Commercially dyed with flexible leather backing.Tibetan Lamb is sold on the leather. It is sold by square inches and not by weight. For example,a 4″ x 4″ piece is 16 square inches. Tibetan Lamb Fur Doll Hair may have varying lengths on one piece. This is the nature of a natural wool product. Texture and curl structureof fur varies from pelt to pelt. It can range from almost straight, curly at the tips, or kinky-curly throughout. Every single pelt I get is different.Photos of this Tibetan Lamb fur appear accurate to me in personbut color differences may occurdue toviewing on different devices, phones, PCs. tablets, etc.Smoke FREE home.

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