Good Handmade Afro Curly Skin Toupee For Men 100% Human Hair African American Wigs


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Hair Type:Human Hair
Item Length:6 in
Hair Origin:Human Hair
Cap Construction:Hand Tied
Hair Color Shade:Black
Features:Remy Quality
Cap Size:Medium

Hi I¡¯m an African American seller and user personally of the hair units I sell to you today! I wouldn¡¯t sell you a product I haven¡¯t used or tried myself. I find these tips useful for anyone needing help as a beginner or very experienced with the hair units.Units can last from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on care of units. I will list a website where you can purchase all the necessities you would need to use and upkeep your unit. It¡¯s who I use personally to for items such as glue, shampoo, scissors, brushes and cleaning products. Hairtape.comHOW TO CLEAN THE UNIT PROPERLYMANY USERS MAY HAVE WAYS THEY LOVE TO CLEAN THE UNITS, BUT I HAVE FOUND THIS TO BE MOST HELPFUL.For this method it is suggested that you have two units that you swap back and forth with due to the fact that your not leaving any time wasted on waiting for the unit to be cleaned which is best done over a days process.WHAT YOU WOULD NEED FOR THIS METHOD IS? Walker tape C22 solvent? Dual Action Shampoo Adhesive Residue Remover? PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo for Poly and Lace SystemsNow I¡¯ll list the website once again where you may purchase these products from.What you would do is once the unit is removed from the scalp and still having glue residue on the unit is place in a bowl of some sort that could fully submerge the base (PU skin) of the unit in the C22 solvent and let sit for up to 8 hours. What it is doing is releasing the glue and residue from the unit making it so all you have to is scrape it off with little to no issues. I personally use a plastic butter knife, but don¡¯t suggest this to a beginner. I suggest using your hands or maybe even a credit card so that you may not cut into the unit or until you feel comfortable to or if ever. Once nearly all the glue has been removed then move on the the Dual Action Adhesive remover shampoo. Pour lightly the shampoo on to the skin base side of the unit and rinse and clean under warm water spreading the adhesive all over the PU skin side removing any residue remaining on the unit. Once finished then on the hair side of the unit use the PHL #5 clarifying shampoo. This will give the unit its shine and moisture back that the adhesive remover may have taken from it. Make sure when shampooing the hair that you try not to tangle the hair as the base can become very tangled if not fingered through while shampooing.FOR EVERYDAY USE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER THEY WILL ALSO HAVE LISTED A PRO SERIES 1&2 SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER LISTED IM WHICH I USE BI-WEEKLY TO CLEAN THE UNIT WHILE STILL ON MY HEAD.If you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me before or after purchasing unit I will be glad to help you with this process.MODEL NAME: PU INJECTION AFRO TOUPEEBASE SIZE: 8X10″CAP DESCRIPTION: FULL POLY BASE,CAN BE CUT INTO ANY SIZEHAIR COLOR:1# JET BLACK,1B# OFF BLACKHAIR TEXTURE: 6MM Afro & Wave units 8mm Wave & Afro unitsHAIR TYPE/MATERIAL: INDIA REMY HAIRHAIR LENGTH: 6″HAIR DENSITY: MEDIUM LIGHT TO MEDIUM DENSITY 120%HAIR STYLE: FREE STYLEplease carefully inspect your unit prior to installing, cutting, coloring or making any adjustments. If any changes have been made, or the unit has been used, we will not accept any returns.

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