Cheap Tallina's Doll Wig ~ Style 725 ~, Size 13" ~ Color Dk. Blond (s53)


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Number of Pieces:1
Color:Dark Blonde
Set Includes:Wig

TALLINA’S Doll Wig ~ Style 725 ~, Size 13″ ~ Color DK. BlondNew in Original PackageSmoke Free Home***If you would like additional Pics or Information, Please let me Know ***ONLY offering store International standard delivery to a select few countries and store Global shippingprogram to all others that international shipping is allowed. If purchase is allowed by store but not bypostal company, the sale will be cancelled.We Do Offer Combined Shipping Discounts to Everyone. If using Global ask before purchasing.***********************************************************************************Payment Is Due No Later Than 4 Days from the Day of Sale, unless watching/biddingon an another item, please let us know, so a case isn’t open after 4 days.***************************************************************store collects and pays all Taxes to States that require them to do so including OhioOHIO RESIDENTS WILL BE CHARGED7.25% OHIO STATE SALES TAX*******************************************************************THANK YOU, STAY SAFE & GOD BLESS :o)STATE OF OHIO MOTTO: “WITH GOD” ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

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