Cheap Drag Queen Wig Big Teased Out Lightest Blonde Long Curls Heavy Bangs


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Style:Long with Heavy Bangs and Curls
Cap Size:One Size
Hair Color Shade:Lightest BLonde
Type:Styled Wig
Item Length:Shoulder length
Type of Shippment::On wig head in box
Entertainment and Fun:Costume, Parties, Stage, Coronations
Hair Origin:Synthetic
Brand:Styled By Queenswigmaster
Cap Construction:Classic Cap

OMGWelcom to :Queenswigmaster_andmore Wig Big Teased Out Lightest Blonde Long Curls Heavy BangsDescription:This is a beautifulLong Blonde wig that has heavy bangs and loose curls. The flower may vary. It is a clip on and can be removed.This is the original and I will re-create it for you. Good LuckAny questions just Contact me at store messages or go to my storefront page to email. POLICIES: Thank you for looking at my auctions. I’ve been making happy clients for nearly 30 years, everything from movie stars to housewives. I am an artist that makes art from hair. I hope you enjoy my creations. All my wigs are original creations. I am now offering to re-create many of my original creations. Unless it is stated in the auction that it is an original, then it will be a re-creation created by me. Because I am an artist first and hairstylist second, no two wigs of mine are ever exactly the same.Therefore even my re-creations become there own original. If you want a creation to not be re-created for one full year please email me. I will quote the price then. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU A HAPPY CLIENT, SOI ONLY USE BRAND NEW QUALITY HAIR TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL HAIRSTYLE FOR YOU. If you want to stand out in a crowd then I can create what you want! SHIPPING:Ioffer free shipping on many items. On free shipping we ship Parcel Post. I offer many other types of shipping.When it is not offered for free shipping then it is calculated from where you live. So in that case you will pay as close as possible the exact price of the postal system.I ship all styled wigs on a styrofoam head, wrapped in plastic, with wooden skewers to hold in place,and shipped in a box. We do everything possible for the item to arrive in good condition.RETURNS:No returns,refunds, or exchangesare allowed due to the nature of the product. If for some reason the item is damaged during shipping then of coarse we will make it right. If that be the case, please notify us.TERMS:As an artist I want to give to you, the client what you want so I’m offering most all my styles in most colors. I only use a good quality standard of wigs for my work.My goals is to make beautiful styles that will make each and every individual happy.If there is something you need and do not see it in my store then Contact me at store messages or go to my storefront page to email. and I’ll be happy to make it, if possible.At queenswigmaster_anymoreI make natural hairlines, and do lots of heavy teasing, use lots of hairspray so the style will hold good and strong so that you will be able to wear it many times. Our styles,unless stated,are not meant to be washed and restyled.My goal is to bring to you new and exciting styles on a regular basis. As an artist I want you to feel free to come to me and ask for me to create for you something that will stand out. It is a challenge that I take and will try to do. Here at queenswigmaster_anymore I would like the honor to work with Cross Dressers, Drag Queens, Stage People, and all people from all walks of life. It’s close to my heart to work the the GLTB community.ANY QUESTIONS?Contact me at store messages or go to my storefront page to email.

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