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Four used doll wigs in varying colours styles and condition. Bought for a puppet-making project, but they turned out to be the wrong size, and someone else should get the chance to make use of them if at all possible.1) Light brown straight hair in a sort of mop-top bowl-cut style. Cap is relaxed and could measure 3.5 to 4 inches in diameter. A small area of glue residue at the tip of the hair in one place. Don’t know if it’s possible to get that out. No label.2) Black with top-knot and loose curls at sides. Cap is firm measures approx 2.5 inches in diameter. Very good condition. Label reads ‘100% modacryclic fibre from Japan. Made in China. 5″-7″.’ I’m guessing that measurement is head circumference.3) Curly blonde wig. Looks to be in a bit of a frizzy mess, to be honest, but maybe someone who knows what they’re doing can calm it down or cut it to suit. Cap is firm and measures approx 2.5 inches in diameter. Label reads: ‘Global Dolls. 7- 8″ = 17-24 cm.’ Head circumference.4) Light blonde straight hair with ringlet bunches at the sides. Cap is relaxed but probably measures approx 2.5 inches in diameter, poss 3 inches. The ringlet bunch on one side is missing a ribbon. More of an issue is that the fringe has been cut lop-sidedly… further over to one side than the other, and higher on one side than the other. Again, maybe an expert could turn it into a fashion statement. Glue residue inside the cap area, not on the hair that shows. No label.International postage is to the USA… It will probably be cheaper for other countries, so either ask me or wait for a revised invoice before paying.

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