Best White Extra Long Flat Straight Skintop Silky Synthetic Hair Full Wig Evbs


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Hair Origin:Synthetic
Cap Construction:Classic Cap
Style:Straight Hair
Hair Color Shade:White
Cap Size:One Size
Item Length:36″ (from the front hairline to the end of hair)
Wig Parting Type:Skin Tone Top
Age Group:Adult
Color Code:WHITE

White Extra Long Flat Straight Skintop Silky Synthetic Hair Full Wig EVBS

APPROX. OVERALL LENGTH: 36″ (length is measured from the the front hairline to the end of the hair) APPROX. CAP SIZE (w/o stretch) : 22″ ( Around Head) | 13″ (Front to Back) | 12.5″ (Ear to Ear)CAP TYPE: Classic Cap + Skin Tone Top To see other available colors listings of this style, CLICK HERE A sleek extra long straight hair style with whole crown skin top allows you to part the hair anywhere on the top with a natural look.Hair is sewn on the adjustable light-netting cap. All you should need to do is adjust the straps inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head.Note: When the wig is taken out of the package, it may look a little different than what is shown in listing pictures. That is because the wig is well packaged to ensure each style and texture, and are stored in a stationary position for some time. Just give the wig a good shaking and styling of the wig to make it looks its best. Wig in the listing pictures: This wig is styled for the photo shoot with light mist of water, sometimes liquid sprays and fingers. Coverage of the Head Area: Try to make your own hair be as flat as possible around your head before putting on the wig to avoid your own hair showing through the wig. Curly and Wavy style wigs usually provide better coverage than straight style ones. For the light color wigs, because of hair color is lighter than the color of the cap, the cap wefts might be shown through easier than dark color wigs.Color: All computer and cell phone screens display colors differently. Different lighting effects and individual perceptions. Please go according to the color code and/or color description stated instead of the actual color shown on the screen. If you are not familiar with the color codes you can refer to google to research the color you require. Do not reply on the listing pictures. How to Style: Depending on your face shape, size of your forehead, length of your neck, your jaw lines and etc. each styles will appear differently on person to person. Hair spray can also be used. You can always take your wig to a hair dresser and inquire about restyling. Approx. Length: The length on a hairpiece will appear differently on person to person. Depending on the person’s head, face size, face shape, and neck measurements the length can appear longer or shorter. Please pay close attention to the approx. length on each wig.

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