Best Candy Clown Wig


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Costume Theme:Clowns & Circus
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Brand:Partytime Costume & Lingerie (Yiwu) Factory – PartyTime Wig
Material:Faux Hair

Are you ready to usher back the reign of the happy clown? Well, we think it’s about time! Those clown naysayers have had the floor long enough. So, don those cheery pastel colors, make sure your balloons are organized, and tighten the laces of your giant shoes. Today is your turn! What’s your clowning specialty? You don’t really seem like you’re the slap stick type, tumbling over yourself as you run from a Billy goat in a circus ring. Hey, you might be that kind of clown, how should we know? We’ve never been to clown college! It’s just that your fashionable look suggests your clowning abilities are more refined. You might take cartwheeling to a whole new level or maybe you’re a talented juggler. Whatever your talent is, we’re confident of one thing: you are not a mime! With this cotton candy hair of yours, we’re sure that you have much more fun than those monochromatic folks. This slightly curled hair with all the volume you can ask for is sure to stand out in a crowd, clown crowd or otherwise. Now all you need to do is decide on your clown name!Features: Candy Clown Wig100% synthetic hair on mesh cap with elastic edgeExclusiveNOTE: THIS ITEM IS NOT RETURNABLE IF YOU HAVE OPENED THE PACKAGEIncludes the following: WigPlease view our Return Policy details at Cap CircumferenceStandard18″ – 26″

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