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With the development of the lace front wigs business and the demand for diversity of hair, more fakes are now in our daily lives. The most obvious is all kinds of best lace front wig glueless. Here, we briefly introduce some of the most popular cheap lace front wigs china:

lace front wigs

The first and most common type of lace is natural hair wig-short front lace wigs. The most basic is brown lace, which is the best lace. Generally, brown lace suits the skin of most customers.

Then there is “what is a lace front wig,” the same level as brown lace, but more prevalent among people with light skin. The invisible lace can match the skin well and can show the skin tone well. When people wear invisible clothes, they look natural and beautiful, especially the invisible full lace wigs lace on the forehead.

full lace wig

Then based on the invisible wig, premier full lace wig April becomes more invisible and firmer because the lace part is more elastic. Therefore, premium 360 lace wig has higher requirements for the quality of lace, with a more three-dimensional effect and practical use effect. There is no doubt that there was a time when younique 360 wigs xname became more and more popular.

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