How To Choose A Wig

So you decided to buy a wig! Congratulations-Welcome to the fun part! Carpets are an easy way to increase safety, no matter the cause, such as treatment, hair removal, or pure beauty.

You can start browsing and select your first wig. But there should be a wig that catches your attention on our website, especially at these discounted prices! It’s a great idea to narrow down your options before you start shopping. There is a massive wigs world, and you need to know how to choose the right one.

How to find the right wig

First, you should know the size of the wig. You can’t buy it without knowing the size of the jeans. Carpets come in three sizes: fine, medium, and large. 90% to 95% of customers wear regular size wigs. But don’t worry! Big and small hairs are just as beautiful.

The good news: finding the right size is very easy! I need a measuring spoon. Wrap a measuring spoon around your head. Readings are difficult to read, so look in the mirror or ask someone else for help. Please write down the numbers and compare them below.

Petite = 21 inches

Medium = 22 inches

Large = 23 inches

As you can see, the difference in dimensions is slight. However, the extra thumb means the difference between a comfortable fit and a severe headache. Once the size decided, you can dive right now!

Consider whether to use human hair or artificial wigs. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your life. If you don’t have the time, a summary is excellent. Synthetic hair will not lose its hairstyle, which means less work! On the other hand, it doesn’t look like human hair. Like organic hair, human hair should also style regularly.

Find the right wig

Considering your decision, start from our website and select the category “Human hair” or “Synthetic hair.” Shop here! Scroll the product to view the photos. Here you can choose your preferred style. It’s an easy decision. Is this elf wig talking to you? Or is long curly hair more “you”?

Once you find your dream wig, you need to choose a wig color. If you want to use a completely different shade, I won’t blame you! However, be careful. If it is your first wig, you should use it carefully. Please respect the colors you are used to. Extreme changes are shocking.

Similarly, try selecting a color with root shadow and light. Dark roots give the hair a natural consistency. Same as the most important! Natural hair color is three-dimensional. Solid colors can look unnatural.

That’s all! You have selected the correct size. You have chosen the style you like. You finally decided on natural color. That’s all-add to cart! The hard part is waiting for you to arrive at your door (luckily, our shipping is fast!)

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